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Travel Clinic


Our private travel clinic offers a comprehensive range of services including travel health consultations with advice tailored to your destination and specific travel needs. We also offer prescriptions to a wide selection of travel vaccinations, ensuring you are protected against various diseases. 


Please contact the surgery at least 6 weeks prior to your travel.


To start the process please fill out the Travel Questionnaire along with other necessary forms and supporting documents, as mentioned in the Travel Forms section below. You can also access it by clicking here.


For our charges please refer to Fees section below, or by clicking here


For general travel advice, please visit the Fit For Travel website, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Travel Forms


To start your application please download the Travel Questionnaire found below. A hard copy can be obtained from our reception.

If you anticipate travelling to a country where yellow fever vaccine is required, please also download and fill in the Yellow Fever Travel Risk Assessment found below. 


If you are NOT a patient registered at Greyfriars please contact your GP surgery and ask for a copy of your Brief Medical Summary and Vaccination History.


Brief Medical Summary


Vaccination History

Please return the above to our reception and pay the administration fee (see Fees section below for more details). 

The Process


Return completed forms and supporting documents to our reception and settle the administration fee.


Arrange a telephone consultation with our Travel Nurse to discuss your travel needs and any vaccinations or medications required. 


If you need any non-NHS vaccinations, obtain a prescription from the reception after settling a charge for each item. Note this does NOT includes the medication cost payable to the pharmacy upon collection of your medications. You may wish to shop around as some pharmacies may charge different price for the same medication.


Attend an appointment for the administration of your vaccines. 


 Enjoy your holidays!



Our travel clinic prioritises transparency in pricing for our comprehensive range of services. Please refer to the following for detailed fees, allowing you to plan accordingly for your specific travel needs.


There is a £15 administration fee for an application (paid at the reception upon submitting your travel form).


For each subsequent application (eg other family members) there is only a £5 additional charge as long as all the forms are submitted at the same time.


Some vaccinations are funded on the NHS (eg Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Typhoid), and these will be administered without any further charges.


Other vaccinations require a private prescription (eg Meningitis, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis B, Tick Borne Encephalitis). There is a £12 fee for each prescribed item


Please note the above fee for a private prescription does NOT include the cost of the medication, which is charged by the Pharmacy during the collection of the medication. 


There is £80 fee for yellow fever vaccine. This includes the cost of the medication, an appointment for administration and the yellow fever certificate



To provide a clearer understanding of our fees, we have included the following examples that illustrate the costs associated with the service. These examples will help you gauge the pricing based on different scenarios, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

Scenario 1


Claire and her son Oliver are travelling to a country that only requires vaccinations that are funded on NHS.

Application fee

£15 + £5 = £20

Private prescription charge


Cost of the medication to the Pharmacy


Yellow Fever charge


Medication administration fee




Scenario 2


Liam and his partner Krish are planning to travel to a country that recommends additional protection against Japanese Encephalitis.

£15 + £5 = £20

£12 + £12 = £24

£90* per dose

2 doses required per person

total cost 2 x 2 x £90 = £360

(*price determined by the Pharmacy)


2 x 2 x £12 =£48 

£92 payable to the Surgery 

(£360 payable to the Pharmacy*)

Scenario 3


Mark will be travelling for work to Angola, a country that requires proof of Yellow Fever vaccination. 







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