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We are happy to accept new patients residing within a 9-mile radius of our surgery. To register, please download and print a registration form for each family member you wish to register. Alternatively, you can obtain the paper copy of  the form from our friendly reception staff.


When you register, please provide the details for your next of kin (NOK).

It is important for us to have this information in case of any unforeseen circumstances or medical emergencies. Your next of kin should be someone who can be contacted quickly and who is familiar with your medical history. 

After completing the form, please bring it to the reception and schedule a new patient medical appointment for yourself.


If you relocate outwith the practice boundary, you may need to register with a new practice.


Please remember to inform the practice of any changes in your contact details to ensure that your records are kept up-to-date. See the section below.

Change of Address or Name


If you have recently changed your address or name, please complete the form below. It is important for us to have up-to-date information to ensure effective communication and provide you with the best possible care. Once completed, please kindly bring the form to our reception desk. 

Medical Records


Your Medical Records are strictly confidential. Under no circumstances is information about you shared with third parties who do not directly contribute to or support the delivery and planning of your health care, unless we have obtained your consent.

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