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You have a few options for requesting your repeat prescription based on your preferences:




Place your order conveniently through Patient Access.*

Call our prescription line at 01387 248248.

Drop off your request in the deposit box located in the reception area.

Please allow two working days to process and sign your prescription before collecting it.

Your chosen pharmacy may require an additional time to prepare or source the prescribed medication. We ask you to be mindful of this when ordering and collecting your medication, to prevent running out of medications. 

* If you are not registered with Patient Access and would like to be able to order your prescriptions online, please speak to our reception to obtain a Patient Access registration letter with a PIN code and instructions on how to register online. 

If you run out of Medications

In case you forget to obtain a prescription for your repeat medication and find yourself running out of essential medicines, your pharmacy can provide assistance. 

Through the Urgent Provision of Repeat Medication Service, pharmacists have the ability to supply you with an additional cycle of a previously repeated medicine without requiring a prescription from your GP.

Local Pharmacies

pharmacy (1).png

When requesting your medications, please choose one of the following local pharmacies you would like us to send your prescription to.

pharmacy (3).png

01387 269183

01387 253859

01387 262244

01387 262107

01387 248363

01387 251111 

01387 266248 

01387 240111 

21-23 Castle St, DG1 1DJ

74 High St, DG1 2BS

St Michael's Bridge Rd, DG1 2PX

12 Castle St, DG1 1DR

Gillbrae Medical Centre, Gillbrae Road, DG1 4EJ

Edinburgh Rd, Heathhall, DG1 1TR

35 Galloway St, DG2 7TN

32 Lochside Rd, DG2 0LW

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